MT02 (Blue Mist)

Modern Travertine

The collaboration of Vasari x Cebos Color gives way to an exciting modern travertine effect. The lime-based travertine effect is brought to new heights thanks to the combination of modern-day metallic paint by Cebos Color, and the travertine plaster effect with Vasari Marmorino. The result is an astounding masterpiece of textures and effects that is truly a feast for your eyes.

While the travertine effect adds depth to touch, providing your space with better dimension and character, the metallic paint from Cebos Color glazes and adorns the travertine effect with a layer of precious metallic lustre, which allows your space to sparkle and reflect with a unique, iridescent two-tone finish.

Product Features: Metallic / Medium Texture / Indoor

Note: The below digital color swatches are not the exact representation of the actual tinted material due to lighting and exposure. Actual tinted materials can vary up to 10%. 

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Category: Modern Travertine

  • Vasari Modern Travertine adds dimension and character to your space by combining metallic paint by Cebos Color and travertine plaster effect with Vasari Marmorino. The final result with it's metallic, sparkling and reflecting, iridescent two-toned finishing is truly a feast for your eyes.

  • Able to apply on any Marmorino base colours, with medium grain, and wide varieties of color available.

  • Refer to Cebos Color for colors selection. 


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