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Deco Cemento (by Surface Archi) is a ready-to-use lime-based plaster formulated to give strength, high adhesion, and durability. It offers a natural texture with medium variations that is like microcement. It is recommended for use on interiors or semi-exteriors, and it can be used on floors, walls, or showers to achieve seamless system. Deco Cemento is available in two types of fineness: Base & Finish.

Product Features: Medium texture / Matte / Subtle Color Variation / Indoor & Semi-outdoor

Packaging: 10kg / 20kg


10kg - 60 sqft / 2 layers
20kg - 120 sqft / 2 layers

10kg - 80 sqft / 2 layers
20kg - 160 sqft / 2 layers

Note: The below digital color swatches are not the exact representation of the actual tinted material due to lighting and exposure. Actual tinted materials can vary up to 10%. 

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Category: Plaster Flooring

  • Deco Cemento compliments both traditional and modern settings depending on how it is applied.
  • It can be applied flat or mottled depending on your styles.
  • Color combinations and creative styles are unlimited.
  • Its qualities will improve with time.
  • It can be used in conjunction with our approved protective coats, sealers, or waxes.
  • It must be applied in a minimum of 2 coats for walls and minimum of 4 coats for floors.
  • Protective coats are compulsory for flooring and showers in minimum 2 layers.

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