THIS Could Be Your Ultimate Life Hack

It’s a lame joke, but hey, there’s some credible truth in it. We’re all tired of our painted walls peeling off, each strip a shot to our banks. Well, wallpapers are on trend at the moment, right? But they wouldn’t survive under the wrath of curious children and overexcited pets. Your heart dies a little when it starts peeling, but there isn’t much you can do about it. What you can do, is step up your game and try out Vasari Natural Wall Plasters, “The Finest Wall Finishes on Earth.” Now, you can bid your frustrations goodbye.

Vasari was founded by Alex Conrad, a guy who loves art, architecture, history, design, and good living. Conrad’s passion in creating Venetian plasters of his own brought him on an adventure around Europe to study about plaster application, design, and traditional building practices. He eventually kick-started Vasari in 2003. Headquartered in Ventura California, Vasari now has showrooms in Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Miami, Africa, Manila, and finally, Malaysia.

Vasari Natural Wall Plaster is also known as Venetian Plaster, and is composed of finely crushed marble, aged lime, and natural pigments to give you the ultimate natural wall finish. That probably sounds too good to be true, but trust us, it’s true. Vasari carries all necessary varieties of lime plasters ensuring infinite combinations for the look you desire: Veneziano, Marmorino and Stucco.

Vasari products are crafted for interior and semi-exterior use and are available in different textures, sheens, and colours. With that, Vasari wall finishes can be compared to finely polished marble, soft satin, or traditional rustic stucco. Here’s a big bonus for all the tree-huggers and environmentalists out there—Vasari wall plaster does not have a faux finish and is completely eco-friendly. The wall finishes are natural, lime-based, non-toxic, odorless, and breathable. Not to mention that it is also luxurious yet affordable.

Here are the 3 options of plasters you can choose from:

Veneziano plaster is a versatile traditional plaster used on interiors and shower stalls. It is able to create soft and subtle tones as well as a highly polished, glossy surface.

Marmorino plaster is made with fine sand, allowing texture and depth. It creates a slightly sanded finish and subtle little sheen.

Stucco plaster is made with lime, marble dust, and coarser sand, allowing lots of texture and depth. Stucco is especially formulated for semi-exteriors but can also be used on interiors.

So, why not try something fresh and new for once?  For the most part, you could even apply the plasters yourself and turn it into a DIY project with your loved ones! If you’re not into DIY, don’t worry, the Vasari team offers their services too.

The Vasari team offers free consultation, site visits, and provides free samples. For those interested in adopting Vasari wall plasters, you can visit our showroom in Selayang Emerald Avenue, drop us an email at or ring us up at 012-727 1962. 

Vasari Malaysia offering both Venetian Plaster and Lime Paint products

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