Vasari Malaysia Launches Lime Paint, A Flawless Finish For Your Space

There’s no place like home. Your home is your space, your haven. It’s a place to call your own and to create your own vibes. As such, it’s only natural to want your home to not just be beautiful, but comfortable and healthy as well. Whether your house is one you’ve lived in and loved for many years, or you’re just coming up with a new place of your own, Vasari Malaysia provides a flawless finish for your home, especially with their brand new Lime Paint.

What Is Lime Paint?

Lime paint is a natural and eco-friendly finish for walls, which provides aesthetic and health benefits, as well as durability. Made from natural limestone, lime paint is breathable and moisture-absorbing, as well as bacteria-, mold- and mildew-resistant. In fact, lime’s high pH level makes it a mild fungicide, which means that microorganisms can’t survive, making it a hypoallergenic material. It also has a natural ability that is capable of removing odours and harmful CO2, improving air quality at the same time.

Health benefits aside, lime paint lends depth and luminosity to flat walls, creating subtle nuances, textures and movements otherwise unfound in regular paints. Better yet, time and weathering can bring out different colour variations, ensuring it ages well.

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Vasari’s Lime Paint

On top of using natural limestone, Vasari’s Lime Paint also incorporates powdered marble, which enables it to take on the same properties of their plasters. Most lime paint finishes are matte, but with Vasari Lime Paint you can also have the options to be trowelled smooth or burnished to a sheen. Furthermore, their Lime Paint also comes in a few colour series, namely grey, brown, red, blue and green, which make up to more than 60 colours to choose from! These colour options mean that there are endless possibilities to truly bring your home to life.

Vasari Lime Paint makes for quick and easy application, making it a fun paint with an enjoyable experience to go along with it. Best of all, Vasari Lime Paint can be used in conjunction with other Vasari lime plaster products such as Stucco and Marmorino, where Lime Paint can be painted over the plaster to create a true, unique lime masterpiece.

Vasari Lime Paint

The Best Of Both Worlds

Lime paint actually dates back to the Roman era, and it has stood the test of time till today. Taking advantage of this hardy material and further improving it with technology, Vasari Lime Paint is an essential for homeowners both traditional and modern alike. More stylish than regular paint yet not as busy as a feature wall, Vasari Lime Paint strikes the perfect balance of minimalism infused with elegance. One of the most authentic paint qualities you will ever find, choose Vasari Lime Paint and enjoy all the benefits of a timeless finish: long-lasting, beautiful, low-maintenance and healthy.

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Where Can I Get Vasari Lime Paint?

Starting to daydream and envision your home with a pretty, elegant Lime Paint finish?

Vasari offers both supply and installation services to ensure that your walls are protected and projected in pristine condition, as well as products for those who wish to DIY their own walls. You can also get Vasari Lime Paint conveniently at all 21 Mr Paint Shop branches. Go on, get that Vasari Lime Paint — treat your home and yourself!

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Vasari Malaysia offering both Venetian Plaster and Lime Paint products

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