Vasari Venetian Plaster in Malaysia

Looking to repaint or renovate your house?

Venetian plaster could be the best wall finish alternative to ordinary paint and wallpaper.

If you are aware of the recent market trend, this all-natural exquisite Venetian plaster is a big hit in the wall finish world!

But wait!

Don’t start to assume Venetian plaster as another fancy new wall finish that merely causing a stir for the time being. The fact is…

Venetian Plaster History

Venetian plaster actually existed long before paint and wallpaper were invented.

Like it’s name, the origin of Venetian plaster can be traced all the way back to ancient Rome where multi-layer plastering crafts reached it’s new heights!

This Italy-born Venetian plaster had since used by artisans and widely spread through Europe until today, making it the superior wall of all time!

Fact: The Mona Lisa hangs on lime plaster in the Louvre Museum, Paris. Did we mention… Marmorino series from Vasari plaster has the same formula of Louvre Museum lime plaster!

The best part is, Venetian plaster in today’s market has improved in formula with it’s origin beauty retained, resulting in the perfect wall finish with blends of traditional artisan craftsmanship and contemporary style!

This truly distinctive and unique finishes is suitable for both interior and exterior application on residential and commercial settings.



“ If paint was a bicycle, plaster would be a Ferrari! ”
Alex Conrad, Founder of Vasari Wall Plaster.

Venetian Plaster Available In Malaysia Now!

Many homeowners in Malaysia are not aware of the availability and use of this superior wall finish. Here’s the good news!

Vasari is proud to carry on this Italian tradition of wall finish in Malaysia!

As the first ever leading Venetian plaster brand in Malaysia, Vasari was originally founded by Alex Conrad in California, U.S. since 2003.

The Finest Wall Finishes on Earth

With over 15 years experience in the industry, Vasari plasters are made using the finest raw materials including slaked lime, finely crushed marble and natural pigments, all comply to the highest environmental standards.

This all natural environmental friendly plaster is non-toxic, free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and odourless.

What’s more Vasari plaster is hypoallergenic and does not emit chemical toxic like paint, allowing you to enjoy a total healthy home environment!



“ Though Venetian plasters have been used for years and proven for their beauty and longevity in Europe, it is still uncommon here in Malaysia. With the ease of use, affordability and quality of Vasari’s products, we believe more people will plaster their walls with Venetian Plaster, and someday there will be a Vasari wall in every house and building in Malaysia, ” said

Jack Lee, General Manager of Vasari Malaysia.

Awards Received by Vasari Malaysia

“THE BEST WALL FINISHING (VENETIAN PLASTER)” by Metropolitan Home Trusted Brand Award 2018.

Projects Involved

Amber Chia Academy makeover by Creative Home

Amyra’s Home makeover

MINI Showroom by Nu infinity at Auto Bavaria Kuala Lumpur

Putien Pavillion Michelin One-star Restaurant

Boost Juice Bar at KLCC

Loud Speaker 大嘴巴 at My Town Shopping Center

Adidas at Midvalley Shopping Center

Youtuber- Lizz Chloe 彤彤 and CodyHong.TV workspace by Creative Home

Featured in

The Edge Malaysia


Metropolitan Home

Fair Participation



Vasari Plaster Series

Vasari plaster is available in 3 series which are Veneziano, Marmorino and Stucco.

Each series comes in over 50 different colors to choose from!

Do not get confused with the features, textures and functions of these 3 series have to offer. Here’s a quick brief on each of these Vasari plaster series.


It literally means “of Venice” which perfectly express the authentic layers and textures of Venetian plaster in wall finish.

Depending on the application techniques, Veneziano plaster wall can result in soft, silky finish with little sheen or be burnished to a high shine.

This special feature of Veneziano makes it a versatile wall finish that compliments both traditional and modern settings depending on how it’s applied.

In other words, color combinations and creative styles are unlimited for Veneziano wall plaster.

What makes Veneziano different from the other 2 series?

Veneziano is composed of slaked lime and finely ground marble dust. It creates the finest and smoothest finish among the Vasari plaster series.

Texture: Minimal to light texture
Sheen: Medium to High
Color Variation on wall: Subtle to deep variation
Application: Indoor



Marmorino is another form of Venetian plaster that became popular in the time of Renaissance back in Venice.

It is also known as classic Venetian plaster. Marmorino wall provides a soft, elegant finish with a light natural texture or more mottled, deeper texture and variation.

Similarly, the outcome of Marmorino plaster wall is also very much depending on the application techniques, be it a traditional or modern settings.

When compared to Veneziano, Marmorino provides more texture than Veneziano.

The reason being Marmorino is made of not only slaked lime and finely ground marble dust but also with additional fine marble sand!

Texture: Medium to heavy
Sheen: low and subtle
Color Variation on wall: light variation
Application: Indoor



Stucco carries the meaning of “plaster” in Italian, however in English term it meant to refer coating for exterior.

Vasari Stucco series is made to be applied on both interior and semi-exterior locations.

Again depending on the way of application, stucco wall can result in matte, unpolished sheen finish with minor movement and variation. Smooth semi-reflective finish is achievable by using a trowel.

Among these 3 series, Stucco has the roughest texture compared to Veneziano and Marmorino.

It’s coarse texture is formulated by adding in coarse marble sand besides  slaked lime, finely ground marble dust and fine marble sand.

Texture: Medium to heavy
Sheen: low and subtle
Color Variation on wall: light variation
Application: Indoor and semi-outdoor (outdoor with shed)

Where to Apply Venetian Plaster?

Vasari plaster can be applied on various surfaces including previously existing latex paint, primed wood, medium density fiber (MDF) board, primed cementitious coatings, primed concrete as well as primed cement boards.

However, areas to watch out are floors, countertops, unprimed joint compound and oli-based surfaces as these surfaces are not suitable to apply Vasari plaster.

Benefits of Vasari Plaster

There are tons of benefits you will enjoy when having a Vasari plaster wall.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, a standout factor is that Vasari plasters are luxurious yet reasonably priced.

Let’s check out more amazing benefits you could expect from Vasari plaster…

1.Durable and long-lasting

Vasari plaster transformed into rock-like material once cured and is resistant to crack.

The fade resistant characteristic of Vasari plaster not only helps retain it’s exquisite beauty but even improves with time, just like fine wine!

The fact is it actually last longer than any wall finishes like paint and wallpaper.


2. Environmentally-friendly

When it comes to environmental concern, Vasari plaster is definitely the best option to “go green” as it is made of natural ingredients.

Unlike other forms of architectural finishes such as textured paint, Vasari plaster does not contain harmful chemicals.

It is free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), no off-gassing or odour and hypo-allergenic which makes perfect for a healthy indoor air quality.


3. Distinctive Characteristic

Vasari plaster is also known for it’s amazingly distinctive characteristic thanks to the unique mineral composition.

Breathability of Vasari plaster prevents moisture from accumulating inside the wall finish. Thus it is naturally resistant to early deterioration caused by mildew, fungus, mould and bacteria.

Even more interesting is the point that Vasari plaster absorbs Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and expels excess humidity! This is exactly the reason it remains cold to touch regardless of the weather.


4. Timeless Aesthetic

Say goodbye to boring wall finishes! With Vasari plaster, wall finishes are no longer restricted to either paint or wallpaper.

The architectural features of Italian Renaissance being the epitome of luxury has proven it’s timeless aesthetics even up to these days.

Having the same formula as venetian plaster, Vasari plaster transforms simple walls into works of art with skillfully handcrafted colours and textures.

The authentic beauty that delivers by Vasari plaster is absolutely beyond compare when it comes to any faux finishes from texture paint in the market.


5. Anti-flammable

Not only does Vasari plaster is aesthetically pleasing, it’s anti-flammable properties also adds security to buildings and constructions.

It is believed that, people were aware of this fantastic characteristic and used plaster on all their buildings for it’s fireproof characteristic since ancient times.


6. Versatile

Vasari plaster is also known for it’s versatility ranging from the wide variety of styles, different surfaces and areas of application.

As mentioned, Vasari plaster can be applied in various surfaces including wood, MDF board and cement.

The ability to prevent moisture accumulation of Vasari plaster also allow it to be applied in high humidity areas like kitchen, spas, outdoor and even bathroom with the condition that it is properly sealed.


7. Easy to Clean and Maintain

Vasari plaster is among the easiest wall finish to clean and maintain.

If the plaster wall is unsealed and gets dirty, simply use a light abrasive rag and warm water then gently rub out the dirt. For better recovery, spot plaster the area.

Always use white cotton to clean; otherwise colored fabrics can bleed onto the plaster.

DIY-friendly Vasari Wall Plaster

Although Venetian plaster has long been widely used in Europe, some Venetian plaster craftsman still adopt techniques that have remained relatively unchanged for centuries.

The reason being these techniques remain unsurpassed in the resulting finish that generate authentic plaster finish desired by both architects and consumers alike.

Fortunately, Vasari plaster has made it possible for do-it-yourselfers to create similar results in just a few steps and with no special training.


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Where Can I Get Venetian Plaster?

Already daydreaming about how elegant your home will look with a Venetian plaster finish? Go for Vasari Malaysia, an established Venetian Plaster company! Vasari offers both supply and installation services to ensure your walls are plastered in pristine condition, as well as Venetian Plaster products for those who are adventurous enough to DIY their own walls.

If Venetian Plaster snagged your interest, and you’d love to know how it all works, Vasari also offers free Venetian plaster training for anyone who’s interested to pick up a new skill!

Find out more about Vasari: | FB: Vasarimalaysia | IG: @vasarimalaysia

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